“Cause it takes a lot of arms to
care for the planet” ™

JACOR. LLC provides environmental project consulting, viability testing, and patented eco-friendly products designated as USDA BioPreferred and listed on the EPA National Contingency plan for hydrocarbon remediation. For distributor and wholesale needs please contact us

Janet Angel Welch, Founder/CEO of JACOR, LLC is a scientist and expert formulator in the manufacturing of powerful products that clean-up hazardous spills, preserve and protect without adding chemicals. Having restaurant owners in the family she recognized the need for safe and effective products that could be used around food, employees and customers while meeting the strong demand for performance. Scientists at JACOR, LLC have now developed safe and powerful spill absorbents that help quickly soak up liquid and grease/oil spills to help prevent slips/falls and meet the needs of restaurant owners to eliminate hazards. Octo-Green cleaning agents are specifically formulated for use in the hospitality industry. She has been recognized as a leader in Global Environmental Science for EcoBioClean® a patented transformational technology that has been approved by the EPA and is listed on the National Contingency Plan Register for use during crude oil catastrophes. She is regularly asked to speak on behalf the US Government as a leader in the Small and Moderate business sector around the globe. Her new safer clean-up technology goes head-to-head with the strongest of chemicals yet they are naturally derived non-chemical answers to the problems restaurant owners, hotels, cafeterias, hospitals and schools face every day. There is not a better solution for clean-up on the market. Save money, save time, save lives – be amazed – go GREEN!